Electrical MCQ type questions

 Electrical MCQ type questions


1)belt conveyors offers…………. starting torque.


2)Variable speed operation is preferred by.

a) water pump
b)ceiling fan
c)exhaust fan

3)typical active load is


4)the load, for which the motor always starts on load is

a)fan motor
b)conveyor motor
c)floor mill motor
d)all of the above

5)an example of a motor having short-time duty is found in

a)centrifugal pump
b)crane drives
c)drilling machines
d)all of the above

6)The selection of the motor is governed by

a)nature of the load to be handle
b)environmental conditions
c)nature of the electrical supply available
d)all of the above

7)an elevator is required to operate in

a)one quadrant only
c)three quadrant

8)when an electric train is moving down a hill, the dc motor will operate as 

a)series motor
b)series generator
c)shunt motor
d) shunt generator

9)Which motor should be used for centrifugal pumps

c)cumulatively compound
d)differentially compound

10)the range of rating of electric motor used for rolling mills is of the order of

a)10 to 25 kW
b)25 to 85 kW
c)84 to 400 kW
d)400 to 1000 kW

11)The capacity of the train is expressed in terms of

c)type of drive
d)any of the above

12) Dynamic braking is employed to brake

a)non reversing drive
b)reversing drive
c)in both (a) and (b)

13)The motor enclosure is used for industrial purpose is 

a)protected type 
b)drip-proof type
c)totally enclosed type
d)open type

14)ward- Leonard controlled dc drives are usually used for………… duty excavators


15)15 minute rated motors are suitable for 

a)light-duty cranes
b)medium-duty cranes
c)heavy-duty cranes
d)all the above

16) A flywheel is generally used in

a)a cement mill drive
b)a paper mill drive
c)a rolling mill drive
d)a sugar centrifugal drive

17)for the consumer the most economical power factor is usually

a)0.25 – 0.5 lagging
b)0.25 – 0.5 leading
c)0.85 – 0.95 lagging 
d)0.85 – 0.95 leading

18)Low power factor is usually not due to

a)discharge lamp
b)incandescent lamp 
c)arc lamp
d)induction furnaces 

19)A synchronous compensator absorbs inductive reactive power it is

b)normally excited
c)under excited 
d)None of these

20)a synchronous condenser is a

b)paper condensor
d)None of these

21)The load factor for domestic loads may be taken as

a)about 85%
b)50 – 60%
c)25 – 50%
d)10 – 15%

22)The load’s factor for heavy industries may be taken as 

a)70 – 80%
b)40 – 50%
c)25 – 40%
d)20 – 25%

23)salvage value of the plant is

a)always positive
b)always zero
c)always negative
d)maybe non of the above 

24)The interest on the capital cost is included in

a)annual fixed cost 
b)annual operating cost
c)both (a) and (b)
d)neither (a) nor (b)


1)a. 2)b 3)a. 4)d. 5)b. 6)d. 7)d. 8)b. 9)b. 10)c. 11)b. 12)c. 13)a.
14)c. 15)a. 16)c. 17)b. 18)b. 19)c. 20)c. 21)b. 22)a. 23)d. 24)a.
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